How Can a Person Help to Prevent Cruelty To Animals

Most people cannot stand the thought of animals being abused in any way shape or form. This doesn’t just apply to domestic animals, but animals of any kind. While people cannot take the law into their own hands there are plenty of things that can be done legally to help put a stop to the inhumane treatment of animals.

Product Testing

Animals are often used for the testing of products. In the last several years there has been a lot of public outcry about this, and it has certainly helped to reduce this practice. One way to help put a stop to this is certainly to speak out about it. Another way is to not buy products that has involved animal testing. If enough people do this then the message will get out loud and clear that this is not acceptable.

Be Aware of the Food You Buy

Some animals in the food chain are in such demand that in order to produce enough of it the animals are treated inhumanely. They are cramped in small cages and either force fed to make them grow quickly for slaughter. Or, they are pumped full of growth hormones. By doing some homework into the food suppliers to see if any complaints have been laid against them, this will help you judge what food suppliers are guilty of this. Whenever possibly try and buy from your local farmers. They are far more likely to be humane to the animals that are in the food chain.

Support the Local Animal Rights Organizations

There are so many animal lovers around that some of them have taking the prevention of animal cruelty a step further and have formed organizations. Some are able to physically help the animals by providing them with food and shelter. Others work hard to raise money for animal retreats. You can become involved in this by either donating money, or perhaps becoming a volunteer to help out at the animal shelters that are dedicated to helping these abused animals.